Grenada Distillers- World Class Distillery- Distillery of the Year GOLD 2020

Friday 24th April 2020- St. George’s: Grenada Distillers, producers of Grenada’s Number 1 Rum Clarke’s Court, announced that its brands have won a collective 7 medals for outstanding quality rums at the 20th annual World Spirits Competition and the coveted title Distillery of the Year Gold 2020.

Competing against entries from all around the world, Clarke’s Court continuous sturdy performance at the World Spirits Awards Competition resulted in 5 Gold and 2 Silver Medals across various alcohol categories.

Winning Gold at the World Spirits awards is not new to the Grenada Distillers family. We have been decorating our office walls with World Spirit Awards and certificates for many years. Our collection has now been expanded with a long coveted highlight by winning the “World Spirits Award” and the title “Distillery of the Year- Gold & Award 2020 (RUM)”

For nearly 20 years, the “World Spirits Award” has been the worldwide benchmark for Spirits when it comes to getting a foot on the podium in the premier league of distilleries. As in Formula 1, well‐known names can frequently be found on the list of winners.

The World Spirits Award has a very special position amongst all international competitions with its classification of distilleries. As well as receiving medals, establishments are classified in the same way as is customary with, for example, the world’s best wines in Bordeaux. The distinctions range from “World Class” to “First Class”, with the top spot being “Distillery of the Year”. A full breakdown of Clarke’s Court winning brands from the 2020 World Spirits Competition is listed below.


  • Distillery of the Year Gold & Award 2020 (RUM)
  • World Class Distillery 2020


  • Clarke’s Court Pure White
  • Clarke’s Court Special Dark
  • Clarke’s Court Superior Light
  • Clarke’s Court Exotic Spicy 
  • Clarke’s Court Old Grog


  • Clarke’s Court Passion Fruit
  • Clarke’s Court Black Gold

107 participants and distilleries from 25 nations (islands) took part in the “World Spirits Award 2020”, submitting 490 spirits for consideration. With the presented products ranging from coffee and cigar brandies to gin, rum, fruit spirits and 100% distillates. The results are based on the WOB 100‐point evaluation system tailored to spirits; objective assessment is ensured by an international taster jury with many years of experience.

Distinctions are the reflection of the distillers’ work and an appreciation of perfect products. Based on the slogan “Simply the Best in Spirits”, only the best products are entered into the competition and receive excellent reviews from the strict jury.

479 medals were awarded – 30 double gold (14 of them Spirits of the Year), 271 gold, 156 silver and 22 bronze medals. The results are based on the WOB 100‐point evaluation system, which is specially tailored to the world of spirits. An experienced international jury of tasters ensured an objective assessment.