Thursday 15th April 2021, St. George’s: Grenada Distiller Limited producers of Clarke’s Court Rums announced “Distillery of the Year- Gold” on the world stage yet again, winning numerous awards at the 2021 World Spirits Competition. The 2021 awards include the prestigious title of World Class Distillery 2021 (Distillery of the Year 2021 – Gold & World Spirits Award) double-gold for Clarke’s Court Pure White, gold for Clarke’s Court Special Dark, Clarke’s Court Superior Light, Clarke’s Court Old Grog and Exotic Spicy Rum, and silver for Rum Lemon.

The World Spirits Awards, announced on 20th March in Austria, are considered the highest quality spirits awards in the world, honouring the best producers and products of spirits globally.

For the last four years, the participation curve has risen steeply. The WSA has been bursting at the seams regarding the number of samples and range of products submitted. The colourful flags of the 25 nations taking part also brings colour to the world of spirits. The quality of the tastings, the challenging training of the jury and the separate communication channels (Guide, Spirits Finder Apps with Channel on and the TV format “Inside World Spirits) have been praised by participants.

The World Spirits Award has a very special position amongst all international competitions with its classification of distilleries. As well as receiving medals, establishments are classified in the same way as is customary with, for example, the world’s best wines in Bordeaux. The distinctions range from “World Class” to “First Class”, with the top spot being “Distillery of the Year”.

The success at the World Spirit Awards is another feather in the cap of Grenada Distillers Limited who are poise to introduce three new products to world market in May of 2021. The company will introduce a Coconut Cream Liqueur, Passion Fruit Cream Liqueur, and a Coffee Liqueur.

The proud team at Grenada Distiller Limited are determined to maintain their high standards. These include the continual expansion of the product range with white, dark, matured, flavoured rums and liqueurs, complemented with local spices and fruits. There are currently 21 spirits for the local, regional, and international markets. Management of food safety has the highest priority during this growth as the company has had the ISO certification since 2017. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Grenada Distillers has manufactured sanitizing solutions and hand sanitizers to combat this virus.

List of Award wins for Grenada Distillers Limited 2021:

  • Distillery of the Year 2021- GOLD.

  • Double Gold Clarke’s Court Pure White Rum

  • Gold Clarke’s Court Special Dark Rum

  • Gold Clarke’s Court Superior Light Rum

  • Gold Clarke’s Court Old Grog Rum

  • Gold Clarke’s Court Exotic Spicy Rum

  • Silver Clarke’s Court Rum Lemon

Distilleries of the Year 2021

  • Angostura Limited ‐ Trinidad and Tobago

(Distillery of the Year 2021 ‐ Silver) RUM


  • Brennerei Bernhard Leitner – Österreich

(Distillery of the Year 2021 ‐ Silver) OBB


  • Brennerei Schulze Rötering – Deutschland

(Distillery of the Year 2021 ‐ Silver) OBS


  • Clara Hof Destillerie – Deutschland

(Distillery of the Year 2021 ‐ Silver) GIWO


  • Destillerie Franz Bauer GmbH – Österreich5 –

(Distillery of the Year 2021 ‐ Gold & World‐Spirits Award) OBS


  • Distillery Krauss GmbH – Österreich

(Distillery of the Year 2021 ‐ Gold & World‐Spirits Award) GIWO


  • Fruchtbrennerei Franz Tinnauer – Österreich

(Spirit of the Year & World‐Spirits Award 2021) OBB


  • Gautier Mückstein & Ellinger GmbH – Österreich

(Distillery of the Year 2021 ‐ Silver) BILI


  • Grenada Distillers LTD – Grenada

(Distillery of the Year 2021 ‐ Gold & World‐Spirits Award) RUM


  • Hödl Hof Fruchtdestillerie und Spirituosen GmbH ‐ Österreich

(Distillery of the Year 2021 ‐ Bronze) GIWO


  • Horvath's Spezereyen Kontor GmbH – Österreich

(Distillery of the Year 2021 ‐ Gold & World‐Spirits Award) BILI


  • Spezialitäten‐Brennerei & Whisky Destillerie Liebl GmbH – Deutschland

(Distillery of the Year 2021 ‐ Bronze) OBB


World‐Class Distilleries 2021


  • Angostura Limited ‐ Trinidad and Tobago

  • Asbach GmbH ‐ Deutschland

  • Brennerei Bernhard Leitner ‐ Österreich

  • Brennerei Schulze Rötering ‐ Deutschland

  • Clara Hof Destillerie ‐ Deutschland

  • Destillerie Franz Bauer GmbH ‐ Österreich

  • Distillery Krauss GmbH ‐ Österreich

  • Edelkorn‐Brennerei Jos. Rosche ‐ Deutschland

  • Feinbrennerei Sasse ‐ Lagerkorn GmH ‐ Deutschland

  • Fruchtbrennerei Franz Tinnauer ‐ Österreich

  • Gautier Mückstein & Ellinger GmbH ‐ Österreich

  • Grenada Distillers LTD ‐ Grenada

  • Hödl Hof Fruchtdestillerie und Spirituosen GmbH ‐ Österreich

  • Horvath's Spezereyen Kontor GmbH ‐ Österreich

  • Maison Léda ‐ Frankreich Pirker GmbH ‐ Österreich

  • Spezialitäten‐Brennerei & Whisky Destillerie Liebl GmbH – Deutschland


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