The Grenada Distillers Limited, one of the island’s oldest rum distillery plant,  pro­ducers of the world famous Clarkes Court rum, has once again given eligible drinkers another choice of what was referred to as quality rum with the launch of their latest product Black Gold, utilizing for the first time one of Grenada’s premiere export crop Nutmeg. 

Dubbed another value added to the Grenada’s Black Gold the Nutmeg, the latest rum was officially launched last Friday, October 16, 2015, during a special ceremony held at the company’s Head Quarters in Woodlands St George’s, and attended by government officials, business part­ners, media, members of the Clarkes Court family including staff and management.

In a brief introduction chairman of the proceeding Oswald “Pele” Dabeau said that the concept behind this latest product came from the Chairman of the company Leroy Neck­les, who felt that it was necessary to devise creative ways to utilize the nutmeg product, given its importance to the Grenadian economy but more so the need to maximizing its benefit. 

The company’s production manager Devon Date, told the gathering that having been charged by their chairman to develop a product that adds value to Grenada’s nutmeg, his team got down to business and came up with one of the company’s finest products, one that reflects the history, the passion and the personality of a family and country. 

The liquor used in the product Date said was produced at the plant, blended and fused with Grenada’s spice extract that gave the finish product its smoothness, body and spice flavor put together by a production team, with a combination of over seventy-five years experience. 

Minister of Trade, Economic Development and Planning; Oliver Joseph was present at last Friday’s Ceremony and commended the Grenada Distillers for their creativity and adding value to Grenada’s number one export crop. The Minister said for years Grenada have been struggling to find ways to better utilize the nutmeg product, with a view of ex­porting the value added, rather of the raw material to people who makes a lot more from the export products. 

The Minister said the technology available today makes it easy for Grenada or any other country to compete with any leading developed countries in the world. It is for this reason he commended the effort of the Distillers for taking the lead in utilizing local produce.

Chairman of the company Leroy Neckles was given the opportunity to unveil the new product, one he said the company is proud of having to put their best efforts in to arrive at the final product. 

The first bottle of Black Gold was presented to Mr. Damani Brizan; the son of Former Prime Minister and Economist George Brizan by Chairman of the Board Leroy Neckles, as a mark of respect for his late Dad’s contribution to Grenada’s economic Development and coining the phase “Black Gold” one that speaks to his love for the nutmeg industry. 

The highlight of the evening was an opportunity to sample the new product, one that was done with special tutoring from Production Manager Date, taking those present on a tour of expectation, taste and feeling before sampling Black Gold.


News Article by: Grenada Informer Newspaper

News Edition: Friday October 30th 2015